Back in 2013 , I did a Project 365, whereby I took and posted at least one photo per day for an entire year. It was tedious and frustrating at times and I honestly couldn’t wait until it was over. On the other hand, it was tremendously rewarding in that it got me thinking about and DOING photography every single day that year.

Project 365 – December 21, 2013

I miss that constant connection to photography and I feel like I am in need of a boost to get my phojo back. One of the best ways to jumpstart one’s creativity is via assignments, so what I’ve decided to do for the next 52 weeks is a Weekly Photo Challenge.

The difference between this challenge and previous assignments that I’ve done on my blog is that the Weekly Photo Challenge is going to play out on my Facebook photography page, which you can find here –> At some point on Friday of each week, I will announce a topic and will post photos pertaining to that topic within that specific thread on Facebook during that specific week. The following Friday, I’ll announce a new topic and post photos on that topic, and so on.

While this challenge has stemmed from my own need for a deeper and more consistent connection to photography and to solidify my own photography practice, I would LOVE for my readers to join me in these challenges. However, instead of emailing your photos to me as we’ve done with the assignments on the blog, you can post your own topic-appropriate photos in the Facebook thread at any time during the week. There’s absolutely NO pressure and no expectation for anyone to join in, but it would be fun if you did, even if it’s just sometimes.

If you wish to follow along with the Weekly Photo Challenge, whether as a participant or as a viewer, I strongly suggest that you select the “Get Notifications” feature on my 39° North Photography page. Facebook is notoriously very bad at letting you see posts from the Facebook pages that you’ve “Liked.” To do this, go to the page (, find the “Liked” button, hover your mouse over that button, and click on “Get Notifications.” While getting notifications is by no means a requirement, it’s the best way to guarantee that you won’t miss a new weekly challenge or the images that participants come up with for each topic.

Why am I going the Facebook route for this challenge? Because I want other folks to feel free to join in, but I don’t want to have to do the work to get everyone else’s photos posted. If you follow this blog but you’re not on Facebook, well… I’m sorry. The blog will still be here and I am also challenging myself to do a lot more posting on the blog this year.

Of course there have to be rules, but there are just a few.

  • In order to maintain some semblance of order, I’m asking participants to please post your photos within the weekly topic thread under Comments. Photos posted outside of the appropriate thread will be removed. I will try to send the poster a private message if I find it necessary to remove a photo.
  • All photos posted must be YOUR OWN, as in taken by YOU. If you know how to watermark the photos you intend to post, I highly suggest that you do that.
  • I would prefer that you take the topic-related photos during the week of that topic. However, if it’s “Rodents” week, for example, and you happen to have taken an amazing photo of a squirrel last summer that you really really want to share, go ahead and post it, but try to share fresh photos as much as possible.
  • I’m not going to put a limit on how many photos the participants may post each week, but do try to be reasonable.

Since this is new format for me and I am making it up as I go along, I may have to change the rules up a bit if the need arises. I’ll keep you posted if I feel the need to make changes. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

And that’s it. I’ll be announcing the topic for Week 1 tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it on Facebook!

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