I believe I owe March an apology. Turns out that maybe it isn’t quite as cruel as I made it out to be. Yes, March decimated my crocuses within days of their blooming, but really…. crocuses have no business being the first bloomers in Colorado if they can’t withstand a little cold and snow. So I’ll blame that one on the crocuses.

On a happy note, the jonquils seem to have made it through Saturday’s wee bit of snowfall relatively unscathed. Not only that, I discovered that my Glory of the Snow (Chionodoxa) flowers have popped up AND there is what looks to be a little hyacinth plant sprouting in a flower bed where I didn’t even know we had hyacinths! Wow, spring is just FULL of delightful surprises. 🙂

jonquils after the snow



Now if it would just get above freezing today (which is SUPPOSED to happen by noon), I might think even MORE kindly toward March.


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