I have fallen terribly behind in going through my photos and in blogging about our adventures, but we’re taking a little down time today (Day 11) so I thought I’d work on getting caught up.

Day 5 was a challenge. The morning was ok, but in the afternoon the rain was relentless and the wind was the fiercest yet. It was starting to feel like we were going to have horrendous weather during our entire two weeks in Iceland. It was hard not to feel a little despondent, although despondence is not an option when an adorable dog is patiently waiting for you to play fetch with him. (I later found out that my surrogate dog’s name is Whiskey and that he is a shepherd/border collie mix).

After lunch we headed into town (town being Vík í Mýrdal, the southernmost village in the mainland of Iceland). We went to Icewear, a souvenir-type store with bunches of I-can’t-afford-those Icelandic sweaters and lots of other stuff. Afterwards we went to the small grocery store but the check-out line was too long and we didn’t actually NEED anything anyway. As we were leaving, Mom said, “Now let’s GO somewhere!” During our previous jaunts east on the Ring Road, I had noticed a side road that went off up a canyon of sorts and I had wondered where it went, so that’s we decided to find out.

It was a pretty amazing drive but hard to get good photos because it was raining so VERY hard. The road kept going and going and I was getting nervous because the weather was SO bad and we had NO idea where this road went. I kept envisioning us breaking down out there in the middle of NOWHERE and having to walk for help in that torrential rain.. Mom kept urging me on, bless her adventurous little heart, but I finally had to turn around. Hey, the rental car is in MY name, not hers!! 😉 We did get to see some pretty cool scenery that, I’m sure, would have been stupendous had it not been for the weather.

But mostly it all just looked like this:

The highlight of the drive came on the way back when we saw this pair of Whooper Swans with their single baby cygnet.

And then we headed back to the cottage, fervently hoping for better weather on the morrow.

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