My mom and I have now embarked on our grand return trip to Iceland. We first visited Iceland in June/July of 2006 while I was on R&R from my then-job in Iraq. I had wanted to go to Iceland since I was a youngster and when I invited my mom to go along she said, “Sure! Why not?!” We had a fabulous time, fell in love with the country, and vowed to go back. Nine years later, here we are.

Here are a few highlights from Day 1.

The highlight of the flight over was, by far, flying over Greenland. The coasts are SO rugged and the in-between expanse of nothing but whiteness are all very impressive.

The west coast of Greenland

The west coast of Greenland

The east  coast of Greenland

The east coast of Greenland

The next highlight of the day was Urriðafoss (“Trout Waterfall”), a little-known but quite spectacular waterfall on the river Þjórsá, the longest river in Iceland. The information sign states that Urriðafoss is the most voluminous waterfall in Europe.



Unfortunately, Urriðafoss is being threatened by a proposed hydropower station. It would be a tragedy to lose this impressive natural wonder.

This is Alaskan Lupine and it is EVERYWHERE here in Iceland.

Nootka Lupine

Alaskan Lupine

This beautiful and ubiquitous plant was brought to Iceland in the late 1800s to help combat soil erosion but has become quite invasive.

Þorvaldseyri is a lovely farm located at the base Eyjafjallajökull, the glacier whose underlying volcano erupted so spectacularly in 2010.



The cave on the right in the photo below is called Rútshellir. It was pretty cool and there were sheep and horses too.



So that’s about all I have from Day 1. I’m actually at the end of Day 2 as I write this and I took WAY more pictures today, so I better get busy with the next blog post!

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  • June 27, 2015 at 5:30 pm

    Beautiful. Can’t wait to to see more.


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