I FINALLY got a chance to get up to the mountains yesterday! I haven’t been on a proper hike since the beginning of September so it was really REALLY nice to get out there. We had a brutal cold snap earlier this week and I was a little worried that it was going to be way too cold, but the bitter cold headed out of town sometime early Friday morning and the mid-20s temps up in the mountains felt almost balmy in comparison!

With my National Parks pass expiring at the end of this month, I thought I better squeeze in at least one more visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. My plan was to do my old favorite, the Dream Lake trail, since I haven’t been there since July 2010, but instead ended up doing the short loop around Bear Lake… twice. The snow conditions were AMAZING (deep, soft and fluffy) and it was actually SNOWING, which is my absolute favorite time to go snowshoeing. It was just a PERFECT day!

bear lake snowman

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