I know I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m a bit of a iPhone photo app hoarder, with over 60 photography-related apps currently residing on my phone. I use only a handful of them on a regular basis, but I keep the rest around because one just NEVER knows when one might need to use the other 55! And since I have so many photo apps, one of the things I have planned for the “new” blog is to write reviews of some of these apps from time-to-time.

yellow tulips

My very favorite recent find is Waterlogue, a handy little app that instantly turns your photos into rather convincing watercolor “paintings.” This super-easy-to-use and very cool app from the guys at Tinrocket, LLC has just enough options to give you some control over the output but not SO many options that it’s too difficult and complicated to figure out.

Waterlogue’s initial interface looks like this:

Start out by tapping the camera icon on the left, which allows you to either take a new photo with the in-app camera function or select an existing image from your phone’s photo library. Once you take or select an image, the app immediately starts the process of creating your watercolor using the default settings.


Across the bottom of the interface are 12 different watercolor effects, 3 brushstroke sizes, and 5 lightness/darkness settings, plus you can opt to have a border or no border. Play around with these settings until you hit on just the right combination.

Once you have a “painting” that you like, tap the heart icon on the right for saving and sharing options. At this point, the only direct social media “sharing” options are Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also (pay to) have an actual postcard made and sent anywhere in the world if you’re into that sort of thing. (I don’t know how much it costs because I didn’t sign up for the “Sincerely” service). Other options are saving the “painting” to your Camera Roll, copying it, opening it in a number of other photo apps, or sending it via email.

Here are some sample watercolors that I’ve created, along with the original photos:


butterfly and wild iris

I highly recommend that you iPhone users add Waterlogue to your iPhoneography photo editing bag of tricks – you won’t be disappointed. At $2.99, it’s just a tiny bit more than I generally like to spend on apps (I’m a FRUGAL hoarder), but I have to say that it is WELL worth the cost. (Sorry Android users… there are apparently no plans to develop Waterlogue as an Android app at this time). 

Let me know what you think!

If you know of any cool iPhone photography apps that you’d like me to review, leave a note in the comments or on the contacts page.