Summer’s here and it’s the perfect time for another photography assignment. For this assignment, put away your DSLR and/or your point-and-shoot camera and pick up your smartphone because this assignment is all about the subset of photography called (for lack of a better term) “phoneography.”

Photography purists will try to convince you that you can’t REALLY take good photos with your camera phone. I’ll save that discussion for another post, but you can find some really nice examples of phonography HERE and HERE and HERE. There is a whole lot of truth in the photography adage, “The best camera is the one that you have with you.” And since, for many people, that “always with you” camera is the one that lives inside their smartphones, we might as well practice taking better smartphone photos, yes? 🙂

That being said, here are the “rules” for this assignment:

  • Your photos have to be taken with a camera phone of some sort.
  • Your photos have to be NEW, as in taken between now and Sunday evening, July 20 – NOT something you took last year, last week or even this morning for that matter. No fair scrolling through the existing photos stored on your phone to find that really super awesome one you took last summer. The idea is to take your smartphone out into the world and come up with the most interesting and creative shots that you possibly can.
  • You may submit photos as-is or run them through your favorite smartphone photo editing app(s). If you do use apps to edit, try to mix it up a bit so your photos don’t all look the same. But really, I’m not going to tell you how to do it. 😉
  • You may submit up to 10 (TEN) of the best shots that you took during the assignment period.

That’s it! If you’re in, start taking your photos now. I’m giving you over two weeks to complete this assignment so there are NO EXCUSES! Sometime between now and Sunday evening, July 20, email up to TEN photos to me at and put “PHONEOGRAPHY” in the subject line. The results of this assignment will be posted in the blog on Tuesday, July 22.

All you need for this assignment is a cell phone that can also take photographs. (If you don’t have access to such a phone, SORRY! :-/ We’ll have another assignment soon)! And remember, these photography assignments are just for fun and to help you become a better photographer by training your eye to see specific things or by practicing certain techniques. There’s no critique involved, no judges, no winners, no prizes… just the most interesting and creative photos you can muster, this time with just a smartphone. Got it? Let me know if you have questions about this assignment. If not, get out there and get busy! Remember… BE CREATIVE, use good composition techniques, and, most of all, HAVE FUN! The more, the merrier, so PLEASE tell your friends so they can play along too! 🙂

Below are a few of my own “phoneography” favorites – click on thumbnails to see larger versions and/or click on the link below the thumbnails to view these and a bunch more in my Phoneography gallery.

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