Copper Mallow (Sphaeralcea coccinea), aka Copper Globemallow or Cowboy’s Delight, is one of the few orange wildflowers found in Colorado. Plants of the mallow family generally grow in higher, wetter areas, but the Copper Mallow finds its home in the dry, dusty plains and foothills zones.

Deer Canyon

The nickname “Cowboy’s Delight” comes from the fact that this plant grows in dry areas where free-ranging cattle might not otherwise find much to eat. Deer and pronghorn also graze on the Copper Mallow.

Bitterbrush Trail, Hall Ranch

The leaves and tender shoots of the Copper Mallow plant are edible and are supposedly quite nutritious. They can be used in salads or soups and tea made from the dried leaves can ease a sore throat. Native Americans had many other medicinal uses for the Copper Mallow. Click HERE to read more about this plant’s edible and medicinal uses.

Eagle Wind Trail, Rabbit Mountain

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