Double Bladderpod (Physaria acutifolia), aka sharpleaf twinpod or Rydberg’s twinpod, was another new find for me last year, or perhaps just another often-seen-but-newly-identified one. Like the Yellow Alyssum featured earlier in this series, the four small petals of the Double Bladderpod give it away as a member of the Brassicaceae (mustard) family. The inflated seed pods (not shown) are the source of the “bladderpod” moniker. This plant can be found in open soil patches in the plains, foothills, and montane life zones of Colorado.

Double Bladder Pod, South Valley Park

Double Bladderpod, South Valley Park

“Physaria” is Greek for “bladder” and “Acutifolia” is Greek for “sharp-edged foliage.”

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