It’s been a long, long winter and as much as I love snow and bitterly cold temperatures, I am just about ready for FLOWERS. Spring starts two weeks from today so it’s time for my annual Countdown to Spring. Please note that all of the flowers included in this year’s series will be flowers that I saw and photographed at some point during 2014.

I’ll kick off the series with a flower that was a new find for me last year, the Giant Evening Starflower (Mentzelia decapetala or Nutallia decapetala), aka the moonflower, gumbo-lily, tenpetal blazingstar,  candleflower, chalk lily, or stickleaf.

I found these showy Colorado native flowers in vacant field in a Florence, Colorado subdivision in mid-August. The flowers open in the late afternoon (which is exactly when I saw it) and close at night. Aren’t they gorgous?!

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