We’re already almost four months into 2014, so I think it’s high time for our first photography assignment of the year. We’ve all had such fun with Scavenger Hunt assignments in the past so I’m thinkin’ let’s do it again! Whaddaya say?

Here’s how it works… 7 general topics are listed below. You can choose to photograph as many of the seven topics as you like, but please submit only ONE photo per topic.

  1. Signs of Spring
  2. Circle/Round
  3. Wood
  4. Colorful
  5. Three
  6. Rust
  7. One of My Favorite Things

I suggest that you jot these topics down and carry the list with you when you’re out and about with your camera. It’s a good idea to have a camera with you at all times because you just never know when great photo-ops will pop up!

The “rules” for the assignment are:

  • Your photos have to be NEW, as in taken between now and Sunday evening, April 27 – NOT something you took last year, last week or even this morning for that matter. New. Fresh. Now. No digging old photos out of your hard drive, ya hear? The idea is to take your picture-taking-device out into the world with the seven topics in mind and come up with the most interesting and creative shots that you possibly can.
  • You may choose any or all of the seven topics to photograph, but please submit only ONE photo of each of your chosen topics.
  • Please label each photo with the name of the topic above to which it pertains. You can do full captions, but the caption should at the minimum include the name of the topic.

That’s it! If you’re in, start taking your photos now. I’m giving you just under two weeks to complete this assignment so there are NO EXCUSES! Sometime between now and Sunday evening, April 27, email your photos to me at 39DegN@gmail.com and put “SCAVENGER HUNT” in the subject line. The results of this assignment will be posted in the blog on Tuesday, April 29.

As always with these assignments, please keep in mind that you don’t need a fancy schmancy camera to play along. DSLR, point-and-shoot, camera phone… it doesn’t matter. These photography assignments are just for fun and to help you become a better photographer by training your eye to see specific things or by practicing certain techniques. There’s no critique involved, no judges, no winners, no prizes… just the most interesting and creative photos you can muster with whatever camera you have available. Got it? Let me know if you have questions about this assignment. If not, get out there and get busy! Remember… BE CREATIVE, use good composition techniques, and, most of all, HAVE FUN! The more, the merrier, so please tell your friends so they can play along too! 🙂

Here are a few examples from my archives:

Signs of Spring – Baby Arugula






One of My Favorite Things

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